The "Makis" is all the medium sushi rolls with the rice on the outside and cut it in pieces.



The "Nigiris" is all the sushis where there is a ball of rice under a pieces of fresh raw-fish on the top.



The "Hosomakis" is all the small sushis rolls with only one ingredient inside. No matter if the rice is on the ouside the roll or the seaweed, we want to keep it simple for our customers, we called it all  "Hosomaki" , the small sushi rolls and cut it in pieces


Remember these classic makis you've tasted for the first time you had sushis?

California roll, Kamikazees roll, spicy Tuna roll, Dragon-Eyes deep frit roll, Sushi-Pizza... does it sound familiar in somewhere of your mind that it started getting starve? Well then, you are in the right place to tast the greatest home made sushis , garanty fresh everyday, by the Chef. Ah Lin . Consult our menu right today !

Platter Party

Platter party of sushis start from 36.99$ only. Ideal for multiple events. Offer available only for take-out. Consult our menu for more information!



Allergies* it is important to let us know your health condition before make your orders. Please note that all our foods may contain all kind of allergens ( milk, soya, glutens, peanuts, shellfish and others).